We are honored that you have chosen to grace our website with your presence! God has truly done great things at Dunamis Life All Nations Church, Inc. and we are looking forward to greater works in the years ahead! God has many types of vessels in His kingdom. We are going after those that have been deceitfully conditioned to think they have no place in God’s Kingdom; taking them from discipleship to sonship, from success to significance and enslavement to a place of divine dominion while forging Godly character. Divine dominion is the knowledge and mastery over all outward circumstances and conditions that are relevant to your life and affairs! Every believer who accepts the truth and honors the written promises of God can achieve this dominion. Divine dominion empowers the believer to live a supernatural life here on earth. NOTHING will be able to stand in your way as you move toward your goals and vision! Without a purpose, we have no destiny! It’s time to allow the refiner’s fire to birth you out; Jesus wants YOU to be free!

Always Servants to the Body of Christ,
Apostle David Porter, III and Prophetess Regina Porter

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